The Date Zone

Summary of the Date Zone on the Hot Crazy Matrix

Date Zone Summary

There is nothing wrong with forming a relationship with someone in the date zone. In fact, many Date Zoners tend to mature with age, sometimes to the point of becoming marriable. That being said, it's also possible for Date Zoners to never mature or to slip above the Hot-Crazy line, into the Danger Zone. How to proceed when dating someone from this group depends on several factors: (1) your desire for permanence, i.e. marriage, (2) the prevailing trend of crazy/reason with this person, and (3) your other options.

Date Zone Facts:

Crazy Rating:

> 7
< Hot

Hot Rating:

> 8

The Rarest of All

We believe that approximately 18% of the population resides in the date zone. Females are also far more likely to be in the date zone than males, with 23% of females being in the date zone and only 13% of males being in the date zone.

More Information about the Date Zone

Key Traits

  • Pretty cute; sometimes very attractive
  • Mostly cool, but often quarky or strange
  • Hit or miss when meeting friends and family

Known Date Zoners

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is undeniably attractive. And it is actually unknown exactly what her crazy-score is. However, she has a track record of dating much older men, which doesn't guarantee craziness but certainly raises some flags. And even though we don't know how crazy she really is, it's pretty likely that it's more crazy than she is hot, given how attractive she is.

Rob Gronkowski

Mr. Gronkowski is handsome, lovable, kitten friendly, and a known party animal. While his charm and good looks are undeniable, his wild lifestyle and man-child behavior make him a tough choice for any woman seriously considering a long term, faithful relationship, or even marriage and children. That being said, Gronk is certified datable - a truly textbook example of a Date Zone male.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've been enjoying the date zone, but I think I want to get more serious. How should I proceed?

A: Where to go from here depends on several factors. Whether you're in a relationship with someone currently (and where on the matrix they reside.

Q: I'm with someone who just might be my future?

A: Marry Her. The fact that she is still your girlfriend and not your Wife is ridiculous.