The Fun Zone

Summary of the Fun Zone on the Hot Crazy Matrix

Fun Zone Summary

Ahh, the fun zone. It's exactly what the name implies - fun!Everyone should spend some time in the fun zone to learn about what they like/dislike, and to get the awkward out of their system and practice moves for the marriage material and unicorns of the world.

But the fun zone has its risks: because this group wedged just below the crazy zone and just right of the no-go zone, it's not uncommon to mistake crazies and no-gos as fun-zoners. All travelers should think twice (or seek a second opinion) about anyone they categorize as a fun-zoner, especially when alcohol is involved.

Fun Zone Facts:

Crazy Rating:

< Hot

Hot Rating:

< 8
> 5

A Dime a Dozen

Scientists believe that up to 30% of the population are classified within the fun zone. Unsurprisingly, the fun zone is a sausage fest, with 50% of males estimated as fun-zoners while only 15% of women are in the fun zone.

More Information about the Fun Zone

Key Traits

  • Downright cool
  • Pretty average attractiveness
  • Fun to drink with

Known Unicorns

Amy Schumer

Alright, she's not the hottest coal on the grill, but don't kid yourself... you would. Not only is she funnier than all your friends, she can drink more than most of them too. Physically acceptable and cool as all hell, Amy Schumer is a classic fun-zoner.

Seth Rogan

If you've seen Knocked Up, you saw Seth Rogan playing himself (almost) and demonstrating a textbook example of the fun-zoner mating ritual (as well as the unfortunate aftermath when protection is foregone). Maybe he's not a hunk, but he's not hideous either. And hey, at least he's funny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've been loving the fun zone for years, but I don't feel very fulfilled. How do I get the magic back?

A:Welcome to growing up, my friend. Yep, getting hammered and forgetting how you ended up in your sister's hot friend's bed is awesome. Everyone knows it. But for most men and women, the novelty wears off.

Most people will have desires and crave the fun zone lifestyle, at least somewhat, until they die. But most people come to realize that it's worth sacrificing that portion of their lives in order to build a longer term future and build a family. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to build a family (at least the type most people want to have) while keeping the fun zone lifestyle and hook ups going.

Q: I want to experience the fun zone, but I've got no game :( What can I do?

A: Guy or girl, lack of game can be a serious bummer. A vibe killer, no doubt.

There are many websites, books, and even shows out there to help people learn tactics that should impove their game. In reality, many of these tactics are distractions from what it takes to have true game. The tricks and one-liners can actually be helpful for breaking the ice, but they likely won't get you much farther than that.

Truth is, practice makes perfect. Interacting with the opposite sex is tough, indeed; but obviously it can be done. Researchers at HCQ have found that subjects are more often successful when they stick to environments where they feel most comfortable. Usually mental discomfort is unconsciously displayed in a subject's body language, making it easy to spot for members of the opposite sex.

You will have to step outside of your comfort zone to make things work, but eventually, after some success, it becomes easier to interact. You will find the scenes and types of people you're most comfortable around, and start having fun, which really is what the fun zone is about.