The No Go Zone

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Usually, the

Everyone seeks to capture and nurture a relationship with a unicorn, but very few are lucky enough to even spot one. Unicorns are the most attractive and least crazy of all people. For a man, the chance of meeting and courting a unicorn is slim, and for a woman, the chances are even slimmer. There are fewer members of the unicorn zone than any other zone.

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< 5

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It is believed that less than 0.2% of the population are unicorns. Early research also indicates that male unicorns are even less common than female unicorns with females at 0.3% of their gender's population and males at only 0.1%.

More Information about the Date Zone

Key Traits

  • Highly reasonable; level headed
  • Really, really ridiculously good looking
  • Down to earth; easy to relate to

Known Unicorns

Meg Griffin

Jessica Alba is a wildly accomplished business woman, actress, and model. Beyond her status as one of the world's most attractive women, she is also known for her incredible compassion and easy going personality. Jessica Alba is one of the few known unicorns in existence.

Ron Griffin

Ryan Reynolds is a highly successful actor, producer, and father. Not only is Ryan known for starring in many successful films, he is also known for being an extremely loving passionate father and husband. In the majority of women's eyes, Ryan Reynolds is a unicorn indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I meet a unicorn?

A:If only we knew

Q: What should I do if I think I know, or am dating a unicorn?

A: Marry Her. The fact that she is still your girlfriend and not your Wife is ridiculous.